Susan UllmannWelcome to my website!

Please look at my résumé and writing samples. Ask to see samples of proprietary client work I cannot post on this website. Feel free to contact me about employment opportunities in medical writing and editing, and technical writing.

Professionals I work with know me as a dedicated and efficient co-worker. I am a licensed clinical laboratory supervisor and medical technologist, a skilled writer and editor, instructional designer, blogger, and an effective collaborator with subject matter experts in diverse fields.

I enjoy medical and physical science, continuing education,blog articles, and other scientific and technical documents. My experience includes years of working in diverse employment situations, and designing, writing, and editing projects.

My experience includes work for government public health and agriculture organizations, medical device companies, hospitals, clinics, and clinical laboratories. I have created scientific content and a variety of documents for the CDC and USDA, Immucor, AstraZeneca, AT&T, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Kaplan, and other highly regarded  organizations.

These are my strengths as a writer, editor, scientist, and blogger:

  • Flexible in problem solving
  • Consistent in meeting project goals
  • Adept in written and verbal communication
  • Organized in implementing scientific projects
  • Focused on details without losing the big picture
  • Committed to team efforts with colleagues and customers

I look forward to hearing from you about opportunities in medical writing and editing and technical writing.